The ancient craftsmen who created it jealously guarded the secrets of glass making.
To this day, it still fascinates – combining strength with clarity, fragility with permanence,
it is an “everyday” material which can be transformed into stunning works of art.

To produce glass, silica (derived from sand, flint, or quartz) is melted with lime, potash and soda in a furnace,
then poured and floated on a bed of molten tin. This mass slowly solidifies over the molten tin as it undergoes a
controlled cooling process in an annealing oven. Compounds mixed with the silica can impart any characteristic
or colour required for function as well as appearance.

Controlled variations in temperature and cooling rate further affect physical properties such as hardness.

Jade glass, which we use, is very hard, clear glass finished to a high polish.
Its name comes from the jade green tint apparent when the glass is viewed from the side.
This colour comes from the iron ore content in the silica used to produce the glass.

Disclaimer: Each glass product is hand built and finished. As a result, minor variations may occur from piece to piece. Dimensions and descriptions provided here are approximate, and photos may slightly differ from the most currently produced model. Caution is always urged in the usage of any glass product, due to its brittleness and vulnerability to scratching. Careful handling will preserve the beauty of your pieces and ensure their safety.