Clear Reflections, our company, was born of a desire to remember.  We do this by
capturing and honoring the memories of loves ones, special events and special people
in customized glass/crystal works of art.

A family owned and operated company, we provide a very personalized line of glass/crystal products,custom designed, custom made, and always, works of art.

Clear Reflections has been providing crystal and glass products since 2004.  Our first design was created
in memory of a family member and the Light of Remembrance quickly became our signature piece.
The Light of Remembrance is both a beautiful and functional 20-year Yahrzeit calendar etched in glass,
making it easy to recall memorial candle-lighting dates that would otherwise be difficult to remember.

Clear Reflections has chosen to specialize in crystal/glass
and can create custom commemorative products for any occasion.
We can personalize our products for any individual, group, organization or business.

Please see our Products page for more information on custom pieces for your event or organization.

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